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Transforming Your Leadership Culture

John B. McGuire, Gary Rhodes

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CCL fellows McGuire and Rhodes replace the common and popular myth that change in organizational culture is beyond the reach of mere mortals. They offer a practical guide for achieving feasible culture transformation by helping leaders see how leading the culture and managing the operations are two sides of the same coin. The book provides guidance and resources that helps leaders decide: (1) what change is feasible; (2) how to set practical incremental targets of change and development; and (3) what are the tools for navigating the turbulent waters of the change process.


Praise for Transforming Your Leadership Culture
--Michael Beer, chairman, TruePoint, and professor emeritus, Harvard Business School
"If you are a leader who has been burned by the failure of traditional change management--remember that program that cost millions and didn't change a thing--this is the book for you. It provides a wholly new perspective for transforming leaders and your organization's culture simultaneously, and rapidly."
--Loyal Peterman, president and founder, Abrasive Technology, Inc.
"John McGuire and Gary Rhodes provided solid support as we transformed our company from a top-down, do-your-job-because-I-said-so culture to a collaborative learning community of leaders within a process-centered organization. I cannot imagine having done it without them."
--Ken Wilber, founder, Integral Institute, and author of The Integral Vision and Integral Psychology
"It is becoming more and more obvious that a developmental view of the human being is the core of any effective human change process. Transforming Your Leadership Culture is the latest book--and one of the best books--about how and why this is so, and how to implement it in your own business. Highly recommended!"
--Bill Torbert, management professor emeritus, Boston College
"The path to creating a genuine leadership culture in organizations is perhaps the deepest mystery of organizing. McGuire and Rhodes have carefully documented the actual paths taken by some of the very few companies that have successfully transformed toward interdependence together. Transforming Your Leadership Culture maps the process into the heart of this mystery."
--Vance Tang, president and CEO, KONE Inc.
"I had hoped that creating a high-performance organization could happen swiftly with a few powerful speeches and actions. The challenging truth is that creating an interdependent spirit and culture demands perseverance. Indeed, this is what sets the committed few apart from the masses--and the results are extraordinary!"
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