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The Guru Investor

How to Beat the Market Using History's Best Investment Strategies

John P. Reese, Jack M. Forehand

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Today's investor is faced with a myriad of investment options andstrategies. Whether you are seeking someone to manage your money orare a self-directed investor deciding to tackle the market on yourown, the options can be overwhelming. In an easy-to-read and simple format, this book will dissect thestrategies of some of Wall Street's most successful investmentgurus and teach readers how to weed through the all of the choicesto find a strategy that works for them. The model portfolio systemthat author John Reese developed turns each strategy into anactionable system, addressing many of the common mistakes that doomindividual investors to market underperformance. This book willfocus on the principles behind the author's multi-guru approach,showing how investors can combine the proven strategies of theselegendary "gurus" into a disciplined investing system that hassignificantly outperformed the market. Gurus covered in the book are: Benjamin Graham; John Neff; DavidDreman; Warren Buffett; Peter Lynch; Ken Fisher; Martin Zweig;James O'Shaughnessy; Joel Greenblatt; and Joseph Piotroski.

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