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Mergers and Acquisitions

A Condensed Practitioner's Guide

Steven M. Bragg

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Accounting expert Steven Bragg equips you with a working knowledge of the complete M&A process throughout Mergers and Acquisitions: A Condensed Practitioner's Guide, with comprehensive, reader-friendly, and straightforward advice on principal business terms, as well as the due diligence process, the customary contractual provisions, legal background, and how-to's applicable to business acquisitions. Destined to become a well-thumbed addition to every manager's library, this essential guide addresses the entire acquisition process with pragmatic information that will serve you as an excellent reference whether you are a novice or expert acquirer.


(Legal Information Alert, Vol 28, No. 4)
"Bragg takes readers through the M&A process by giving an overview of why a company might want to buy or sell to another company. He covers strategies that might be taken by either the buyer or the seller, risks for both sides, and parties involved in the transaction. The book could be helpful to new attorneys who have not studied corporate mergers. It also gives experienced attorneys a view of the M&A process from the client's perspective, as the excerpt above illustrates."
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