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Eugene Permyakov

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Organische Chemie


Synthesizes the current knowledge in the field and provides newinsights into medical applications Metalloproteomics is the large-scale study of metal-bindingproteins. These proteins, which represent about one quarter of allthe proteins in the Protein Data Bank, play important roles in allbiological systems and all biological processes.Metalloproteomics provides the latest information on allmajor families of metal-binding proteins, including theirstructural, physico-chemical, and functional properties, enablingreaders to better understand these proteins. Moreover, the bookdemonstrates how understanding the structures, properties, andfunctions of intracellular and extracellular metal-binding proteinsmay unlock the key to drug development for the treatment of amyriad of diseases. Written by Eugene Permyakov, an international expert and pioneerin the structural analysis of metal-binding proteins, the bookoffers * Theoretical introduction to cation binding * Broad range of methods for investigating the binding ofdifferent cations to proteins * Characteristics of interactions of physiologically importantcations of Ca, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, Co, Cu, Ni, Mo, W, Na, and K withproteins * Detailed considerations of structural and physico-chemicalproperties of the metal-binding proteins * Interactions of all other metal cations with proteins * Interactions of different types of cations with nucleicacids Throughout the text, the author integrates principles ofproteomics. In addition, detailed examples underscore the rolemetal-binding proteins play in health and medicine. Bringing together and analyzing all the latest findings,Metalloproteomics' scope and level of insight areunparalleled. It is recommended for biophysicists, biochemists,enzymologists, cell and molecular biologists, protein and peptidescientists, organic and bioinorganic chemists, and chemicalbiologists.

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Life Sciences, Chemie, Genomforschung u. Proteomik, Biochemistry (Chemical Biology), Biochemie u. Chemische Biologie, Physikalische Chemie, Genomics & Proteomics, Chemistry, Biowissenschaften, Physical Chemistry