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SugarCRM For Dummies

Karen S. Fredricks

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SugarCRM is an innovative customer relationship management softwaresolution that enhances your company's marketingeffectiveness, drives sales performance, improves customersatisfaction, and provides executive insight into businessperformance. SugarCRM For Dummies will show you to takeadvantage of this free, open source CRM application to boost yoursales and please your customers. This guide helps you choose the flavor of Sugar you need,acquire and deploy it, set up accounts and contacts, and organizeyour day. You'll first learn how to install SugarCRM,customize user preferences, create databases, and import contactsfrom other software. Next, you'll discover how to extendSugarCRM's capabilities to meet needs unique to yourbusiness. You'll also find out how to: * Schedule appointments, link them to records and notes, andorganize your sales opportunities * Build campaigns, track their success, and grow your contactlist with Web-to-lead forms * Manage customer issues and forums to exterminate softwarebugs * Send e-newsletters and automate customer e-mail communicationwith templates * Take advantage of a complete recipe book for SugarCRMadministrators * Improve sales performance with SugarCRM * Provide great service to your customers * Develop searchable libraries and FAQs * Create and share documents SugarCRM For Dummies will get you quickly up to speed onthis customer relationship management software so you can enhanceyour business. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials arenot included as part of eBook file.

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