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Materials Management

An Executive's Supply Chain Guide

Stan C. McDonald

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A solid introduction to materials management and the tools neededto create a world-class materials management program This nuts-and-bolts guide presents an overview of the innerworkings of the materials process, as well as the best practices toachieve a world-class operating system that will help to eliminateineffective materials management. Coverage includes discussion ofmaterial requirements planning, planning parameters, electronicdata interchange, and material control graphs and reports, amongmany other topics. Thorough and practical, Materials Managementexplains the impact that inadequate inventory control has on acompany and how these poor controls can reduce production, causeinefficiencies in labor, create excessive inventory, and increasefreight expenses. Stan McDonald (Northville, MI) is an independent consultant onmaterials management. Throughout his 30-year career, he has heldvarious positions in the supply chain/materials managementarena.


--Michael D. Sanna, Thirty PlusYears in manufacturing management
"This is a comprehensive look into the total materials managementof a manufacturing operation. This book puts professionalism intomaterials management. Most manufacturing disciplines are backed byengineering, finance, or business degrees, but very little isgeared toward the materials management field. This book helps torectify that shortcoming."
--Jim McManus, Director, Process Engineering, HennigesAutomotive
"Stan knows how to get the best out of your materials managementsystem. He works with all facets of the organization, includinglean, to implement the materials business processes that makesense."
--Chuck Hineman, Transportation and Packaging Manager,Behr America Inc.
"This publication is an excellent depiction of how material flowshould be managed in a perfect operating environment. Thebook's format is written in an easy-to-read and -followformat that allows the reader to visualize the process flowsmoothly. The examples are clear in 'what if' formatand show what happens to the supply chain if a process is notperformed properly, resulting in disruptions in production. It isclear that all disciplines must be followed throughout the supplychain process to properly execute accurate planning and inventorywhile still allowing the productive side enough material to runlean and efficiently. This periodical explains how to do justthat."
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