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High Altitude Leadership

What the World's Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success

Don Schmincke, Chris Warner

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Leadership is often a risky, lonely role possessing nearlyunbearable lows and fleeting highs. Despite this emotionally andintellectually draining roller coaster, a handful of leadersdeliver stunning results, with great consistency. They push pastcurrent leadership trends in order to achieve the most extremelychallenging goals. They don't fall prey to the platitudes orcliches we see so often see in leadership theory. Instead, theysucceed by recognizing and surviving the dangers that challengethem as they take themselves and their teams to higher levels.These rare individuals are those that Chris Warner and DonSchmincke call High Altitude Leaders. In High AltitudeLeadership they show how to become that kind of leader.Theauthors present a new approach to leadership development, based onground-breaking scientific research, field-tested under the mostbrutal conditions on the most difficult summits, and successfullyapplied in the training of executives, management teams, andentrepreneurs throughout the world.


--Ralph Heath, Executive Vice President,Aeronautics, Lockheed Martin Corporation
"Fear, selfishness and arrogance - these are just some of thedangers that can threaten a climber's life, and in the high-threatworld of global commerce and global security, they can destroy acountry's or organization's future. Peak performance is aboutdigging deeper to overcome the barriers of our own making. As Chrisand Don assert, we have to dig deeper in order to climbhigher."
--Cathy A. Trower, Ph.D. ResearchDirector, Co-Principal Investigator Collaborative On AcademicCareers in Higher Education (COACHE) Harvard University,Graduate School of Education.
"At last, something new has been written about leadership. Theauthors skillfully bridge the crosswalk between what is required ofleaders in life and death situations scaling the world's highestpeaks and the more mundane, but sometimes no less scary, halls ofcorporate America"
--David Callahan,executive editor, SmartCEO Magazine
"Chris Warner is living proof that courage and intellect providea powerful leadership combination. He and Don Schmincke serve asoutstanding guides for exploring what it takes to lead anorganization into difficult and uncharted terrain. If you're anexecutive who searches for the occasional inspirational gut-check,this book is a must for your shelf."
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