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AP Chemistry For Dummies

Kate Brutlag, Peter J. Mikulecky, Michelle Rose Gilman, et al.

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Gearing up for the AP Chemistry exam? AP Chemistry ForDummies is packed with all the resources and help you need todo your very best. This AP Chemistry study guide gives you winningtest-taking tips, multiple-choice strategies, and topic guidelines,as well as great advice on optimizing your study time and hittingthe top of your game on test day. This user-friendly guide helps you prepare without perspirationby developing a pre-test plan, organizing your study time, andgetting the most out or your AP course. You'll get helpunderstanding atomic structure and bonding, grasping atomicgeometry, understanding how colliding particles produce states, andmuch more. Two full-length practice exams help you build yourconfidence, get comfortable with test formats, identify yourstrengths and weaknesses, and focus your studies. Discover howto * Create and follow a pretest plan * Understand everything you must know about the exam * Develop a multiple-choice strategy * Figure out displacement, combustion, and acid-basereactions * Get familiar with stoichiometry * Describe patterns and predict properties * Get a handle on organic chemistry nomenclature * Know your way around laboratory concepts, tasks, equipment, andsafety * Analyze laboratory data * Use practice exams to maximize your score AP Chemistry For Dummies gives you the support,confidence, and test-taking know-how you need to demonstrate yourability when it matters most.

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