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Seeing the Elephant

Understanding Globalization from Trunk to Tail

Peter Marber

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Thanks to globalization, more countries depend on each other fortrade, capital, and ideas than ever before. Yet politically, thesecountries are drifting further apart. In Seeing theElephant, author and emerging markets expert Peter Marberdescribes how increasing economic integration and the rise of newactors is drastically altering the geopolitical landscape, andoffers insights on how the US can maintain a leading role in the21st century and beyond. While America remains the single most important economy today,rising economic powerhouses -- China, Russia, India, Braziland others -- bring a diverse set of interests to the tablethat the US cannot afford to ignore, Marber explains. Moreover,globalization has created thousands of non-state actors -corporations, banks, hedge funds, activists and even terrorists- who bring their own concerns to bear on the worldsystem. In the era of globalization, America's success hinges on thesuccess of its neighbors, too. Yet from its invasion of Iraq to itsdisregard of major treaties -- some recent US choices haveshown little regard for these new players. As the lines betweeneconomic, defense, environmental, immigration, and energy policybecome increasingly blurred, having a holistic and coherentapproach to cross-border challenges is essential. Yet the forumsand institutions that once coordinated these relationships -the UN, World Bank and the G7-- are losing relevance and nolonger adequately represent the world's expanded power roster. Toremain vital, Marber believes all our multilateral institutionswill require fresh ideas and revamping. Seeing the Elephant demystifies globalization, andanalyzes the megatrends and interconnections of the 21st century.With bold suggestions on how America reassert its historicleadership in the new global arena, Seeing the Elephantshould be required reading for policy makers, businessmen andinformed citizens alike.

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