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Mechanical Properties of Ceramics

John B. Wachtman, W. Roger Cannon, M. John Matthewson, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


A Comprehensive and Self-Contained Treatment of the Theory andPractical Applications of Ceramic Materials When failure occurs in ceramic materials, it is oftencatastrophic, instantaneous, and total. Now in its SecondEdition, this important book arms readers with a thorough andaccurate understanding of the causes of these failures and how todesign ceramics for failure avoidance. It systematicallycovers: * Stress and strain * Types of mechanical behavior * Strength of defect-free solids * Linear elastic fracture mechanics * Measurements of elasticity, strength, and fracture toughness * Subcritical crack propagation * Toughening mechanisms in ceramics * Effects of microstructure on toughness and strength * Cyclic fatigue of ceramics * Thermal stress and thermal shock in ceramics * Fractography * Dislocation and plastic deformation in ceramics * Creep and superplasticity of ceramics * Creep rupture at high temperatures and safe life design * Hardness and wear * And more While maintaining the first edition's reputation for being anindispensable professional resource, this new edition has beenupdated with sketches, explanations, figures, tables, summaries,and problem sets to make it more student-friendly as a textbook inundergraduate and graduate courses on the mechanical properties ofceramics.

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