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Computer Aided Fraud Prevention and Detection

A Step by Step Guide

David Coderre

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Praise for Computer-Aided Fraud Prevention and Detection: A Step-by-Step Guide "A wonderful desktop reference for anyone trying to move fromtraditional auditing to integrated auditing. The numerous casestudies make it easy to understand and provide a how-to forthose?seeking to implement automated tools including continuousassurance. Whether you are just starting down the path or well onyour way, it is a valuable resource." -Kate M. Head, CPA, CFE, CISA Associate Director, Audit and Compliance University of South Florida "I have been fortunate enough to learn from Dave's work over thelast fifteen years, and this publication is no exception. Using histwenty-plus years of experience, Dave walks through every aspect ofdetecting fraud with a computer from the genesis of the act to themining of data for its traces and its ultimate detection. Acomplete text that first explains how one prevents and detectsfraud regardless of technology and then shows how by automatingsuch procedures, the examiners' powers become superhuman." -Richard B. Lanza, President, Cash Recovery Partners, LLC "Computer-Aided Fraud Prevention and Detection: A Step-by-StepGuide helps management and auditors answer T. S. Eliot's timelessquestion, 'Where is the knowledge lost in information?' Dataanalysis provides a means to mine the knowledge hidden in ourinformation. Dave Coderre has long been a leader in educatingauditors and others about Computer Assisted Audit Techniques. Thebook combines practical approaches with unique data analysis caseexamples that compel the readers to try the techniquesthemselves." -Courtenay Thompson Jr. Consultant, Courtenay Thompson & Associates

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