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Executive Power

Use the Greatest Collection of Psychological Strategies to Create an Automatic Advantage in Any Business Situation

David J. Lieberman

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Executive Power arms readers with effective, fast-acting techniquesthat show them, step-by-step, how to get what they need before theyand their companies pay a heavy toll for lack of it. This bookcontains specific, carefully formulated psychological tactics thatcan be applied to any business situation, with any person. Thisbook offers readers the opportunity to use the most importantpsychological tools governing human behavior, not just to level theplaying field, but to create an automatic advantage in today'sbusiness world. The book will arm the reader with the tacticsto: * Get back any customer you've lost. * Find out who in your company is loyal to you and who isnot. * Get any group of people to get along and work as a team. * Turn a lazy worker into an ambitious go-getter. * Fire anyone easily, without an argument or even a difficultconversation. * Dilute the impact of negative publicity quickly. * Collect money owed, no matter how long it's been overdue. * Inspire your client, colleague, or boss to go along with youridea or plan. * Manage the unmanageable-get any employee to fall in line with thecompany line.

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