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Solid State Polymerization

Stamatina N. Vouyiouka, Constantine D. Papaspyrides

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Organische Chemie


The most current guide to solid state polymerization Solid State Polymerization (SSP)is an indispensable tool in thedesign, manufacture, and study of polymers, plastics, and fibers.SSP presents significant advantages over other polymerizationtechniques due to low operating temperatures, inexpensiveequipment, and simple and environmentally sound procedures.Combining fundamentals of polymer science, chemistry, physicalchemistry, and engineering, SSP also offers many researchapplications for a wide range of students and investigators. Gathering and filtering the latest literature on SSP, SolidSolid State Polymerization offers a unique, one-stopresource on this important process. With chapters contributed byleaders in the field, this text summarizes SSP, and providesessential coverage that includes: * An introduction to SSP, with chemical and physical steps,apparatus, advantages, and parameters * SSP physical chemistry and mechanisms * Kinetic aspects of polyesters and polyamides SSP * Catalysis in SSP processes * Application of SSP under high pressure conditions in thelaboratory * Engineering aspects regarding process modeling and industrialapplication * Recent developments and future possibilities Solid State Polymerization provides the most up-to-datecoverage of this constantly developing field to academic andindustry professionals, as well as graduate and postgraduate-levelstudents in chemical engineering, materials science andengineering, polymer chemistry, polymer processing and polymerengineering.


(Plastics Engineering, 15November 2010).
"Solid State Polymerization provides a solid overview over theentire field of industrial condensation polymers particularlypolyamides and polyesters, and researchers and engineers will findrelevant knowledge to develop polmerization reactors and designpertinent plants in the solid state."
(Macromolecular Chemistry and Psychics,January 2010)
"Each and every chapter is critically reviewed and gathered mostimportant and useful literature on this technique. ... A veryuseful resource."
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