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Adolescent Health

Understanding and Preventing Risk Behaviors

John S. Santelli (Hrsg.), Richard A. Crosby (Hrsg.), Ralph J. DiClemente (Hrsg.)

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This book covers the developmental and health problems unique tothe adolescent period of life. It focuses on special needs andpublic health programs for adolescents. It offers deep insight intosmoking, violence, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other problems,along with intervention and prevention strategies. "Anyone serious about improving adolescent health should readthis book. It spans theoretical and developmental constructs,summaries of evidence-based interventions for adolescent riskbehaviors, metrics, and policy recommendations." --S. JeanEmans, MD, chief, Division of Adolescent Medicine, and RobertMasland Jr., chair, Adolescent Medicine, Children's HospitalBoston, and professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School "This is the one single text that students can use to studyadolescent health. It includes contributions from many of theworld's most accomplished researchers to provide learners withcutting edge information to make the study of adolescenceunderstandable and applicable in practical settings." --GaryL. Hopkins, MD, DrPH, associate research professor and director,Center for Prevention Research, and director, Center for MediaImpact Research, Andrews University "This textbook presents an excellent balance in weighing theevidence from the risk and the resilience literature, incorporatingresearch in racially and ethnically diverse populations."--Renée R. Jenkins, MD, FAAP, professor, Department ofPediatrics and Child Health, Howard University College ofMedicine "This is an engaging, thorough, and thought-provoking statementof our knowledge about adolescence. " --Wendy Baldwin, PhD,director, Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program, PopulationCouncil


Adolescent Health: Understanding and Preventing Risk Behaviors provides a strong foundation in current research, theory, and policy for those who study and work with adolescents. -- PsycCritiques, American Psychological Association (February 17, 2010, Vol. 55,)



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