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Triathlon Training For Dummies

Donna Dourney, Deirdre Pitney

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Shaping up for a triathlon is serious business. TriathlonTraining For Dummies is packed with insider tips and provenmethods for training for a triathlon and pumping yourself into thebest possible shape by race day. It helps you find the motivationyou need to stick to your program, eat better to maximize yourenergy, and prevent injures both before and during the race. This authoritative guide helps you evaluate your cardiovascularfitness, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, and to setmanageable realistic training goals. You'll learn how toestablish a workout schedule, choose a target finish time get theright, affordable equipment you'll need for each leg of therace, and maximize your fitness and form for swimming, biking, andrunning. You'll also get plenty of help in putting it alltogether as you focus your training, add dual workouts, become aquick-change artist, and save time during transitions. Discover howto: * Choose an event to train for based on your fitness level * Get into your best possible shape * Select the right equipment and sportswear * Train for an Olympic, Sprint, or Ironman triathlon * Fuel your body and prevent injuries * Prepare for training sessions * Maintain energy and recover quickly * Set training schedules for every triathlon event * Treat common training and racing injuries * Live like an athlete Triathlon Training For Dummies comes complete withresources for finding triathlons near you, lists of items to bringalong on race day, and tips on registration formalities and racingetiquette.

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