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The Orange Code

How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause

Bruce Philp, Arkadi Kuhlmann

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How championing consumers led to ING Direct's revolutionary risein the banking industry In an industry dominated by big banks with little patience fortheir customers, ING Direct has always strived to be different-arebel with a cause, if you will-and in doing so, they've become themost successful online banking venture in history. The Orange Code recounts ING Direct's intriguing story,explaining the philosophy of its founder Arkadi Kuhlmann-whobelieves in the power of individuals to control their financialdestiny-and his long-running partnership with Bruce Philp, thebranding consultant who helped him make ING Direct a cause to itsown people and a household name across North America. * Discusses the unconventional approach to business strategy,leadership, and management that built ING Direct * Written by the company's CEO, Arkadi Kuhlmann, the drivingforce behind this unique company and its approach and Bruce Philp,the branding expert who has worked with some of the world's mostwell-known and valuable brands * Reveals how the cause of personal financial empowerment hasmade everyone a winner in the ING Direct story The level of success achieved by ING Direct holds some importantlessons and offers some much-needed inspiration to a business worldthat could use a little of both right now.

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