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Selling Real Estate Services

Third-Level Secrets of Top Producers

Robert A Potter

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Praise for Selling Real Estate Services "Selling Real Estate Services shows you how to stop beinga vendor and start being a partner. Bob Potter's Third-Levelconcept will help you win more, have more fun, and build greaterclient loyalty. It's a playbook for success." --Roger T. Staubach, Executive Chairman for the Americas,Jones Lang LaSalle, and founder of The Staubach Company "It's not just about selling; it's about winning. Just in timefor one of the most competitive markets in a generation. Beprepared to win." --Robert A. Ortiz, Executive Managing Director - U.S.Operations, Cushman & Wakefield Inc. "Bob Potter's Third-Level Selling offers a progressive, advancedapproach to building trust, demonstrating value, and winning.Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, it willtake your career to the next level." --Craig Robbins, Chief Knowledge Officer, ColliersInternational "Business development never stops for successful real estatecompanies. Bob Potter gets it, and his simple strategies andtechniques can be implemented immediately across a sales-orientedorganization. This book is a gem." --Tom Donnelly, President and COO, ValleyCrest LandscapeDevelopment "Rarely do books capture the essence of success in our industry.Third-Level Selling helps one understand how you build long-termcommitted relationships with clients. This book is a road map tobecoming a top producer; I only hope that my competition doesn'tread it!" --Dan Winey, Managing Principal, Gensler

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