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How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street

Golden Rules Any Investor Can Learn

Allan S. Roth

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Straightforward strategies from a successful young investor In How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street, you'll followthe story of Kevin Roth, an eight-year-old who was schooled insimple approaches to sound investing by his father, seasonedfinancial planner Allan Roth, and discover exactly how simple itcan be to become a successful investor. Page by page, you'll learnhow to create a portfolio with the widest diversification andlowest costs; one that can move up your financial freedom by adecade and dramatically increase your spending rate duringretirement. And all this can be accomplished by using some commonsense techniques. Along the way, Kevin and his dad discuss fresh, new approachesto investing, and detail some tried-and-true, but lesser knownapproaches. They also take the time to debunk the financial mythsand legends that many of us accept as true, and show you what itreally takes to build long-term wealth with less risk. * Discusses how to design a portfolio composed of a few basicbuilding blocks that can be "tweaked" to fit your personalneeds * Addresses how you can reengineer your portfolio in order tostop needlessly paying taxes * Reveals how you can increase returns, regardless of whichdirection the market goes, by picking the "low-hanging fruit" weall have in our portfolios With just a little time and a little work, you can become abetter investor. With this book as your guide, you'll discover howa simpler approach to today's markets can put you on the path tofinancial independence.


(CEO Middle East, April 2009)
"This book acts as an apt reminder that simple can be good"
--MoneySense magazine' financial insider's efforts to createanother financial insider from scratch. This book has charm andintelligence in spades.'(Accounting Technician,January 2011).
"Kevin Roth, the author's son, is eight years old.He's probably got a better investment portfolio than you do.This book reveals his secrets. Our take: Explaining how a secondgrader can whip most adult investors is a fun way to demonstratethe benefits of a simple indexed portfolio."
--Scott Burns, AssetBuilder
"If you'd like to learn more about what makes good (andsimple) investing, Roth's 2009 book, How a Second-GraderBeats Wall Street, is a good start and a must for any indexinvestor's library."
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