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Smart Green

How to Implement Sustainable Business Practices in Any Industry - and Make Money

Jonathan Estes

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"Do you think going green will give you a competitive advantage,even save you money? Do you think your customers are more likely tobuy if you are green? Do you want to do better by the environmentand your community? If so, you are not alone. Many feel the need togo green. Jonathan Estes in Smart Green turns this need into valueand lays out the steps for going green.?Read it and get ahead ofyour competition and the green tsunami sweeping the country." --Frank Phoenix, PE, LEED-AP, Partner, GreenbridgeDevelopments, LLC "Estes's book articulates the opportunities, challenges, andtrends of the blossoming conscious consumer movement usinginsightful research to make the case for growing a green business.His compendium examines and dissects our cultural shift in which ahandful of people are optimists, many are ambivalent, and everyoneis a skeptic." --David Lubensky, President, Bagatto, Inc. "Smart Green is a very practical guide for getting started withgreening your company. Estes has taken the principles of businessplanning and applied them to a very complex subject. Worth theread." --Michael Knupp, former CEO, The RETEC Group, and formermember, World Business Council for Sustainable Development "Estes's Smart Green is a great resource for small to mid-sizeenterprises that want to make measurable improvement in performanceand align themselves with the global green wave. From strategicplanning to practical how-to examples, Estes demonstrates how wecan go green and make some too." --Aaron Nelson, IOM, President and CEO, Chapel Hill-Carrboro(NC) Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director, Foundation for aSustainable Community


s strategic and profit plans.? (CHOICE, October2009)
?Step by step, chapters explore the unique synergism amongentrepreneurship, sustainability, and success as a part of anorganization'
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