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The Perfect Portfolio

A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Investing

Leland B. Hevner

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Today's world of personal investing is not a friendly place. Individuals are assaulted with an unending barrage of financial news, "expert" advice, investing tools, trading systems, and more, to the point where they are overwhelmed. As a result, most people simply entrust their portfolios to third-party advisers and, in doing so, lose control of their financial security. Nobody is more familiar with this situation than author Leland Hevner. As President of the National Association of Online Investors ( and a longtime educator in this field, he understands that to succeed in today's chaotic markets you don't need more news, advice, or analysis tools. Instead, you need a completely new and simpler approach to building an effective portfolio on your own--one that includes updated investing concepts and dramatically new ways of looking at the market. That's why he created The Perfect Portfolio. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource shows you, step by step, how to use a revolutionary approach to investing called the Perfect Portfolio Methodology (PPM). Developed by Hevner over the course of his successful career and based on input from hundreds of individual investors, the PPM allows you to capture incredible returns under any market condition without exposing yourself to unacceptable risk or requiring you to devote an extraordinary amount of time to the investing process. The journey to creating your unique Perfect Portfolio is divided into three parts: * Part I reveals the problems faced by today's investors, outlines a new approach for solving them, and gets you started by showing how to design the Core Segment--or foundation--of your Perfect Portfolio * Part II details how to "supercharge" your Perfect Portfolio's returns by adding a Target Market Segment consisting of five newly defined asset classes * Part III illustrates how you can bring the Core and Target Market Segments together to form a Perfect Portfolio that meets your unique investing profile and current market conditions This is a book that financial advisers will not want you to read. Why? Because it takes them out of the loop by empowering you to make informed and profitable investing decisions on your own. The Perfect Portfolio places the power to control your wealth firmly in your hands, where it belongs. The Perfect Portfolio is more than just a book. It also includes a supplemental online component you can access via the Web at The use of this resource is not required to take full advantage of the book's content, but the information and tools presented in the online component can enhance your overall learning experience.

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