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GPS For Dummies

Joel McNamara

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Need directions? Are you good at getting lost? Then GPS is just thetechnology you've dreamed of, and GPS For Dummies iswhat you need to help you make the most of it. If you have a GPS unit or plan to buy one, GPS For Dummies,2nd Edition helps you compare GPS technologies,units, and uses. You'll find out how to create and usedigital maps and learn about waypoints, tracks, coordinate systems,and other key point to using GPS technology. Get more from your GPS device by learning to use Web-hostedmapping services and even how to turn your cell phone or PDA into aGPS receiver. You'll also discover: * Up-to-date information on the capabilities of popular handheldand automotive Global Positioning Systems * How to read a map and how to get more from the free mapsavailable online * The capabilities and limitations of GPS technology, and howsatellites and radio systems make GPS work * How to interface your GPS receiver with your computer and whatdigital mapping software can offer * Why a cell phone with GPS capability isn't the same as aGPS unit * What can affect your GPS reading and how accurate it willbe * How to use Street Atlas USA, TopoFusion, Google Earth, andother tools * Fun things to do with GPS, such as exploring topographicalmaps, aerial imagery, and the sport of geocaching Most GPS receivers do much more than their owners realize. WithGPS For Dummies, 2nd Edition in hand,you'll venture forth with confidence!

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