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Play Therapy Theory and Practice

Comparing Theories and Techniques

Kevin J. O'Connor, Lisa D. Braverman

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


The Bestselling Text on the Theory and Practice of Play Therapy--Completely Updated and Revised Play Therapy Theory and Practice: Comparing Theories and Techniques, Second Edition provides a forum for the direct comparison of the major theoretical models of play therapy and their implications for treatment. Co-edited by Kevin O'Connor, one of the foremost authorities on play therapy, and Lisa Braverman, an experienced child psychologist, the new edition contains the most recent coverage of diagnostic approaches and treatment modalities in child psychology as they relate to integrating play therapy in practice. This edition also covers new topics such as bipolar and ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Thorough, yet extraordinarily practical, the editors use two case studies throughout the text to demonstrate the application of each play therapy technique and treatment approach, allowing the reader to compare each major model of play therapy and assess its utility to their own particular client needs and practice orientation. After the cases are presented in the introduction, ten chapters follow, each written by a renowned expert(s) in play therapy introducing a major model of play therapy and applying it to the opening cases. This consistent format enables professionals to gain a practical, hands-on understanding of how current approaches to play therapy work, as well as the underlying principles upon which they are based. Written for mental health professionals at all levels of training and experience, Play Therapy Theory and Practice: Comparing Theories and Techniques, Second Edition covers: * Psychoanalytic Play Therapy * Jungian Analytical Play Therapy * Child-Centered Play Therapy * Filial Therapy * Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy * Adlerian Play Therapy * Gestalt Play Therapy * Theraplay * Ecosystemic Play Therapy * Prescriptive Play Therapy Informative, thought provoking, and clinically useful, Play Therapy Theory and Practice: Comparing Theories and Techniques, Second Edition is a valuable resource for practitioners in the field of child psychotherapy, setting the standard for training and practice.

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