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n. the irrational fear that someone in China will take your job

Judd Kahn, Bruce C. Greenwald

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In Globalization, authors Bruce Greenwald and Judd Kahn cut through the myths surrounding globalization and look more closely at its real impact, presenting a more accurate picture of the present status of globalization and its future consequences. Page by page, they uncover the real facts about globalization and answer the most important questions it raises, including: Will globalization increase or diminish in economic importance? Do higher living standards depend more on global or local conditions- and What are the actual implications of globalization for financial markets?


(Choice, April 2009)
"The book's strength lies in its clear application of basiceconomic principles to reveal the hidden logic (and illogic) ofclaims about globalization's causes and effects."
(Motley Fool)
"In the process of dispelling . . .simplistic myths of economicglobalization, Greenwald and Kahn present an alternative historybased on facts . . . Refreshingly, their conclusions cut acrosstraditional ideological chasms. . . Greenwald and Kahn challengemuch of the conventional knowledge about globalization and offerinvestors a long-run look into macroeconomic developments. Theypresent intriguing insights based on facts rather than politicalideology. That's exactly what Foolish investors want to hear."
( The Miami Herald)
"Columbia professor and economist Bruce Greenwald, abetted bycollaborator Judd Kahn, deftly punctures the prevailing wisdom onthe effects of international trade, arguing that most of the booksand reporting on the subject deal with this complex,multidimensional phenomenon simplistically, anecdotally andincorrectly... It's not globalization that's screwing thingsup. On the contrary. Overriding local political and economicinterests subvert the flow of commerce, which introducesdisparities and deficits that result in trade imbalances,inflation, deflation and unemployment."-Richard Pachter,"Globalization myths debunked,"
(Rick Carew,The Wall Street Journal)
"The list of globalization errors (both pro and con) is long,and makes fertile territory for Bruce Greenwald and Judd Kahn in"Globalization." The authors, a Columbia Business School professorand a historian, respectively, argue that local decision-making,productivity-enhancing technological change, and the growing demandfor services will be the key forces shaping our futures -- notglobalization, meaning the global flow of goods and capital....this work is a crisp, provocative addition to the debate onglobalization. It's well worth a look, particularly as acounterbalance to prevailing globalization "wisdom."
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