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The Purpose of Boys

Helping Our Sons Find Meaning, Significance, and Direction in Their Lives

Michael Gurian

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Ratgeber / Familie


The final and conclusive book in the groundbreaking series onboys and their development In this climax to his series of landmark books about boys,Michael Gurian offers a powerful new program to help us give oursons a core purpose-a program based on building morality,character, career goals, the ability to form intimaterelationships, selflessness, personal and community responsibility,and an accelerated process of developmental maturity. Gurianreveals how important purpose is for the success and happiness ofboys and explains how a boy's core personality, nature, and geneticpredisposition functions to create both strengths and weaknesses intheir journey towards maturity. * Includes an innovative program for support and interventionsaccording to the unique needs, weaknesses, and strengths of eachindividual young man. * This book is the follow-up to Gurian's bestselling The Mindsof Boys * Draws on the latest science and field research on how boysdevelop neurologically * Gurian explores the unique issues boys must confront, and showshow their strategy for moral development and success in life ispredicated on their nature and genetic predispositions.


s team approach to raising a son gives parents the tools and encouragement they need to help boys find direction and fulfillment. (Apr.) (Publishers Weekly, March 2, 2009)
Family therapist, author and boy advocate Gurian (The Wonder of Boys; The Minds of Boys) observes that many boys are struggling to find a sense of purpose, and society has not sufficiently stepped up to the plate to help. Gurian paints a grim picture of boys who have lost their footing; many are failing in school; turning to drugs, alcohol or gangs; and engaging in violent behavior. Gurian attributes this disturbing trend to a lack of purpose and urges parents to help their male offspring channel their energies into productive lives. By employing a three-family system, Gurian argues, parents can join together with other adults--leaders, mentors, coaches--and such institutions as schools and churches, to help boys refocus and get back on track. The author offers practical suggestions for helping parents address boys' needs, tackling such issues as sexuality, work and overuse of electronic media. Particularly useful are Gurian's boxed questions for discussion, which will help parents and educators communicate directly with boys themselves. He also includes suggestions to help boys succeed in academic settings, for example, using movement, project-driven curricula and debate. Gurian'



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