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Convergence Guidebook for Corporate Financial Reporting

Bruce Pounder

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As a result of the global convergence of financial reporting standards, U.S. GAAP is changing profoundly. U.S. GAAP is also being abandoned by many public and private companies, and will eventually be replaced by a higher-quality set of global standards. The Convergence Guidebook for Corporate Financial Reporting provides the timely, practical guidance that CFOs, controllers, and other financial managers need in order to prepare for the impact of Convergence on their companies, departments, and careers. Guidebook readers will also learn why they must begin preparing for "the next big challenge in corporate financial reporting" now.


(Book News, August2009)
"This guidebook for chief financial officers, vice presidents offinance, controllers, and managers of financial reporting andaccounting explains apects related to the global convergence offinancial reporting standards, including why the US generallyaccepted accounting principles (GAAP) have changed as a result, howto prepare for its challenges, how it will affect financialreporting and US labor markets for financial reporting talent, andhow it will impact decision making."
(, May2009)
"As he explains in his book, the Convergence Guidebook forCorporate Financial Reporting, both US GAAP and IFRS will changeprofoundly as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) andthe International Accounting Standards Board continue to convergethe two sets of standards."
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