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Human Memory Modeled with Standard Analog and Digital Circuits

Inspiration for Man-made Computers

John Robert Burger

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


Gain a new perspective on how the brain works and inspires newavenues for design in computer science and engineering This unique book is the first of its kind to introduce humanmemory and basic cognition in terms of physical circuits, beginningwith the possibilities of ferroelectric behavior of neuralmembranes, moving to the logical properties of neural pulsesrecognized as solitons, and finally exploring the architecture ofcognition itself. It encourages invention via the methodical studyof brain theory, including electrically reversible neurons, neuralnetworks, associative memory systems within the brain, neural statemachines within associative memory, and reversible computers ingeneral. These models use standard analog and digital circuitsthat, in contrast to models that include non-physical components,may be applied directly toward the goal of constructing a machinewith artificial intelligence based on patterns of the brain. Writing from the circuits and systems perspective, the authorreaches across specialized disciplines including neuroscience,psychology, and physics to achieve uncommon coverage of: * Neural membranes * Neural pulses and neural memory * Circuits and systems for memorizing and recalling * Dendritic processing and human learning * Artificial learning in artificial neural networks * The asset of reversibility in man and machine * Electrically reversible nanoprocessors * Reversible arithmetic * Hamiltonian circuit finders * Quantum versus classical Each chapter introduces and develops new material and ends withexercises for readers to put their skills into practice. Appendicesare provided for non-experts who want a quick overview of brainanatomy, brain psychology, and brain scanning. The nature of thisbook, with its summaries of major bodies of knowledge, makes it amost valuable reference for professionals, researchers, andstudents with career goals in artificial intelligence, intelligentsystems, neural networks, computer architecture, andneuroscience. A solutions manual is available for instructors; to obtain acopy please email the editorial department at

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