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Making Millions For Dummies

Robert Doyen, Meg Schneider

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The must-have guide to achieving great wealth Making Millions For Dummies lays out in simple,easy-to-understand steps the best ways to achieve wealth. Through aproven methodology of saving, building a successful business, smartinvesting, and carefully managing assets, this up-front, reliableguide shows readers how to achieve millionaire or multimillionairestatus. It provides the lowdown on making wise financial decisions,with guidance on managing investments and inheritances, minimizingtaxes, making money grow, and, most important, how to avoid commonand costly financial mistakes. Millionaire wannabes will see how tomaintain financial security throughout their life with thiseasy-to-follow road map to financial independence. For individualswho yearn to make millions but don't want to be restricted toowning or running a business, the book features other options, suchas inventing and patenting the next big thing, consulting, sellinghigh-value collectibles, and flipping or owning real estate.

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