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Software Performance and Scalability

A Quantitative Approach

Henry H. Liu

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Programmiersprachen


Praise from the Reviewers: "The practicality of the subject in a real-world situationdistinguishes this book from others available on the market." --Professor Behrouz Far, University of Calgary "This book could replace the computer organization texts now inuse that every CS and CpE student must take. . . . It is muchneeded, well written, and thoughtful." --Professor Larry Bernstein, Stevens Institute ofTechnology A distinctive, educational text onsoftware performance andscalability This is the first book to take a quantitative approach to thesubject of software performance and scalability. It brings togetherthree unique perspectives to demonstrate how your products can beoptimized and tuned for the best possible performance andscalability: * The Basics--introduces the computer hardware andsoftware architectures that predetermine the performance andscalability of a software product as well as the principles ofmeasuring the performance and scalability of a softwareproduct * Queuing Theory--helps you learn the performancelaws and queuing models for interpreting the underlying physicsbehind software performance and scalability, supplemented withready-to-apply techniques for improving the performance andscalability of a software system * API Profiling--shows you how to design moreefficient algorithms and achieve optimized performance andscalability, aided by adopting an API profiling framework(perfBasic) built on the concept of a performance map for drillingdown performance root causes at the API level Software Performance and Scalability gives you aspecialized skill set that will enable you to design and buildperformance into your products with immediate, measurableimprovements. Complemented with real-world case studies, it is anindispensable resource for software developers, quality andperformance assurance engineers, architects, and managers. It isanideal text for university courses related to computer andsoftware performance evaluation and can also be used to supplementa course in computer organization or in queuing theory forupper-division and graduate computer science students.



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