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Clean Money

Picking Winners in the Green Tech Boom

John Rubino

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In Clean Money, John Rubino, Editor of, introduces you to the world of clean tech (also known as green tech) and its wealth creation potential. Throughout the book, he explores a variety of clean energy sources-from solar power to biofuels-and shows how these renewable resources will spawn successful companies and rising share prices. Page by page, you'll discover the technologies that will drive this boom and become familiar with the state of their markets, their growth prospects, and the companies that are best positioned to become tomorrow's success stories.


Praise for Clean Money
-Dr. Rob Wilder, CEO and Manager, WilderHill Clean EnergyIndex (ECO)
"A breezy, easy read that delivers a useful introduction to theemerging concept of making money in clean and green stocks. Irecommend it!"
-Shayne McGuire, Director of Global Research, TeacherRetirement System of Texas
"The urgency of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels andpolluting technologies is giving rise to fantastic investmentopportunities. Rubino's Clean Money is acleverly-written and insightful roadmap to green investing, the newfinancial frontier, and provides the essentials of each newtechnology with an eye on making a killing in the yearsahead."
-Matthew Patsky, Portfolio Manager, Winslow Green MutualFunds
"Clean Money captures the ongoing shift to a greeneconomy. External environmental costs are going to be internalized,producing the most significant change in the global economy sincethe industrial revolution and transforming the way everyone doesbusiness. This book answers many of the questions we get every timewe sit down with new investors."
-Peter Schiff, President, Euro Pacific Capital and author ofCrash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming EconomicCollapse
"Clean Money provides a comprehensive overview of whatpromises to be one of the best global investment themes of thecoming decade. Whether you are an individual investor or aprofessional advisor, this book deserves a prominent place in yourinvestment library."
-Louise O'Halloran, Executive Director, ResponsibleInvestment Association Australasia
"An entertaining, crystal clear guide for anyone who is thinkingabout investing in the environmental technology sector. John Rubinomixes fascinating case studies with astute, well researchedanalysis on the pros and cons of each of the sectors currentlycontributing to the runaway train that is the new energyrevolution. A great read."
-Eric Janszen, founder and President of iTulip, and author ofthe forthcoming The New New Deal
"John Rubino's Clean Money finds the signal of truth inthe noise of hype in the green investing market, zeros in on themost relevant and promising companies and technologies, andnavigates the treacherous macro-economic waters that may causeinvestors to jump into the alternative energy market either tooearly or too late. Essential reading for investors seeking toprofit from the coming boom in clean energy."
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