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Financial Darwinism

Create Value or Self-Destruct in a World of Risk

Leo M. Tilman

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In Financial Darwinism, author Leo Tilman lays the groundwork for understanding the new financial order by introducing his evolutionary thesis and then outlines an actionable decision-making framework that enables financial institutions and investors to fully leverage the power of business strategy, corporate finance, investment analysis, and risk management. Financial Darwinism is an invaluable road map to today's financial world and an essential guide to surviving and thriving during these challenging times.


(Corporate Governance)
"As the world places increasing emphasis on fair valuation,risk-based financial disclosure and risk-focused regulation,Tilman's guide becomes more important for CEOs, directors andfiduciaries who must build risk evaluation into all fundamentaldecisions."
(Choice, April 2009)
"While Tilman's thesis is directed to financial firms, theconcept applies to all businesses. Failure to adopt a riskmanagement strategic planning model will lead to extinction, hencethe "Darwinism" in the title. Summing Up: Recommended."
(City A.M., December 11th 2008)
"...Tilman couldn't have chosen a better time...clearly writtenand with plenty of rational advice for financial institutions"
(FinancialWorld, February 2009)
"One of the book's merits is that he offers tables that providetaxonomies of business model transformation."
(Journal of Corporate Finance andAccounting)
"This book is highly recommended for finance professional satall levels of an organization as well as investors desiringinsights into how firms can weather the "tectonic shift" in thefinancial landscape. The terminology and models used should bewithin the grasp of anyone who has taken an undergraduate course infinance."
"[Tilman] sees much to be learned from the collectiveblindness that led to the economic meltdown. ... says the firststeps to recovery are humility and innovation"
(Financial Executive International)
"This book offers a deeply thoughtful and well-reasoned analysisof what has gone wrong and the outlines of an eventual road torecovery."
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