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Design and Construction of Coordination Polymers

Mao-Chun Hong (Hrsg.), Ling Chen (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Organische Chemie


Design and Construction of Coordination Polymers Edited by Mao-Chun Hong Ling Chen A Unique Resource on coordination Polymers Coordination polymers are a growing, interdisciplinary fieldwith numerous potential applications in chemistry and materials.Design and Construction of Coordination Polymers provides acomprehensive introduction to this field, focusing on syntheticstrategies, structures, properties, and potential applications.Each chapter provides a unique perspective on coordinationpolymers, offering a dedicated approach as well as deeper insightson the most important facets of this interdisciplinary area. Combining the consistent editorial approach of a textbook withthe up-to-date data and topics usually found in the latestmonographs and handbooks, Design and Construction of CoordinationPolymers offers an unparalleled reference to the state of the art.Among other topics, it covers: * Coordination polymers with versatile structures * Crystal engineering of coordination polymers * Organic/inorganic hybrid complexes based onpolyoxometalates * Molecular-based magnetic and ferroelectric compounds * Heavy main-group iodometalates * Gas storage MOFs * Bioinorganic coordination complexes Addressing a wide range of readers, Design and Construction ofCoordination Polymers will prove an invaluable resource to everyonefrom senior-level undergraduate and graduate students to workingscientists.


(JACS, 2010)
"The sum of the individual components makes the whole a usefulreference to complement other recent contributions on the subjectof CPs."
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Koordinationsverbindungen, Polymere, Polymerwissenschaft u. -technologie, Inorganic Chemistry, Anorganische Chemie, Chemie, Koordinationschemie, Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Polymer Science & Technology