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The Professional's Guide to Financial Services Marketing

Bite-Sized Insights For Creating Effective Approaches

Jay Nagdeman

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The Professional's Guide to Financial Services Marketing isdirected to any financial services professional-fromindividual representatives to executives of large financialservices companies-who is looking for better ways to createthe relevant marketplace differentiation and competitive advantageneeded to increase productivity and profitability. The purpose ofthis book is not to provide a how-to manual, but rather to offerpractical information, examples, and thought-provoking tips thatprovide ideas and insights that will enable financial servicesprofessionals to improve their own marketing approaches and achieveambitious marketing goals. With examples drawn from basic marketingapproaches and successful consumer marketing, this book provides afresh perspective on a variety of marketing issues that can make asignificant difference to corporate success.


--Evan Cooper, Senior Managing Editor, InvestmentNews
"In financial services marketing, Jay Nagdeman is the expert. Hehas helped scores of leading financial firms reach and then exceedtheir goals. And now he has assembled his insights in TheProfessional's Guide to Financial Services Marketing--amust-read for any executive with bottom-line responsibility at anasset management company, insurer or securities firm. This volumeis destined to become a permanent reference tool for the industry."
--Gil Weinreich, Editor, Research magazine
"Jay Nagdeman is one of the financial industry's most innovativemarketing minds. The time I spent reading The Professional's Guideto Financial Services Marketing was well rewarded with freshinsights that I look forward to successfully employing. Hisbite-sized approach makes this cornucopia of marketing concepts andideas not only digestible, but an absolute pleasure to read. Ihighly recommend this book to anyone interested in discovering bothwhat is new and what is timelessly true in financial servicesmarketing."
--Ken Dolan, Chairman, The Dolan Group of Companies
"Owning this book provides you with 24/7 access to some of theindustry's most successful and innovative marketing thinking. Itcontains illustrations and vignettes taken from real-life marketingsuccesses and failures. It also provides ideas that could help youturn successful consumer product marketing techniques intocustomized financial product marketing approaches. It can serve asa mentor, a resource, a reference tool or simply a compelling lookat some often overlooked and misunderstood marketing approaches."
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