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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) For Dummies

Judith S. Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Fern Halper, et al.

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Feeling overwhelmed by the buzz about SOA--service orientedarchitecture? Take heart! Service Oriented Architecture ForDummies, 2nd Edition makes it easy to understand, plan, andimplement the latest SOA solutions for your business. Whether you're the IT person responsible for developingSOA or the executive who's trying to get a handle on theconcept, Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies, 2ndEdition will help you understand what SOA is, why it'simportant, and how you can make the most of it. You'll findout about the business and financial aspects of SOA, how to decideif you need it, and what it can mean to your bottom line. Discoverhow to: * Identify the main components of SOA and how they work to createbusiness processes * Create reusable, flexible systems and avoid commonpitfalls * Deconstruct business processes and applications to identifytheir components, then put them together in new ways * Construct SOA business applications for maximumadaptability * Confirm quality in a situation that's difficult to test,and assure the quality and consistency of your data * Develop a governance strategy for SOA based on yourcompany's philosophy and culture * Work with XML and understand how it's used in SOA * Maximize the benefits of unified communications * Understand software ecosystems, rich interfaces, and thedevelopment lifecycle Packed with real-life case studies illustrating how SOA has beenapplied in a variety of industries, Service OrientedArchitecture For Dummies, 2nd Edition demystifies one oftoday's hottest business tools.

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