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Can Do Writing

The Proven Ten-Step System for Fast and Effective Business Writing

Judith Graham, Daniel Graham

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A simple, ten-step system for mastering the art of effective,persuasive business or technical writing "The Grahams' system is the best way to transform data and ideasinto meaningful information necessary to make profitable decisions.Their system works every time." --Steven Laposa, PhD, MBA, Loveland Commercial Endowed Chairin Real Estate, Colorado State University "The Grahams' straightforward program helps my teams createclear and concise reports, letters, and other documents withminimal effort. I want this program to become the standard for myteams." --Bill Walter, Senior Vice President, Government andInfrastructure Division, KBR "The Can Do Writing system made my career! I used it towrite a winning business plan and proposal, and now I use it everyday for all communications. Can Do Writing provides valuableinsights into business and management as well as writingtechniques." --Christian Robey, President, DC Progress You may be an expert at what you do, but if you can'tcommunicate effectively in writing it may not matter. Forscientists, businesspeople, and professionals in fields fromengineering to public relations, the art of writing well can be avital key to professional success. Luckily, you don't need an English degree to produce top-classwriting. If you're one of the millions of people who have to writeclear, persuasive, understandable documents for your job, Can DoWriting is for you. Whether you're writing a business plan, ascientific paper, a press release, or anything else, this simple,straightforward guide will show you how to do it quickly, withstyle and confidence. You'll learn how to: * Understand your audience and subject matter * Develop a simple, five-part purpose statement to keep you ontrack * Organize your main points into a coherent, sensible order * Edit your work for clarity, coherence, organization, andlogic * Economize your words to craft a concise, powerful document * Make your documents easily readable for any audience

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