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Forex Essentials in 15 Trades

The Guide to Successful Currency Trading

John Bland, Michael D. Archer, Jay M. Meisler, et al.

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Traders are constantly learning their craft. Those who do not shareinformation, discuss tactics and review prior trades are doomed forfailure. knows this. It is the leading destinationfor Forex traders looking to learn and discuss trading. With over33,000 registered users from 125 countries, exposesits users to an incredible base of knowledge. In this book, the authors dissect each of 15 chosen trades,using the material to expose some of the best (and worst) practicesof a Forex trader. The book weaves a plethora of Global-View.cominformation into the detailed dissection. Each description willinclude how the trade was selected and why it was made, as well asmoney management and psychological aspects of the trade.Entertaining anecdotal stories are interspersed throughout eachtrade story.

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