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Storage Area Networks For Dummies

Alex Nikitin, Christopher Poelker

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Datenkommunikation, Netzwerke


If you've been charged with setting up storage area networksfor your company, learning how SANs work and managing data storageproblems might seem challenging. Storage Area Networks ForDummies, 2nd Edition comes to the rescue with justwhat you need to know. Whether you already a bit SAN savvy or you're a completenovice, here's the scoop on how SANs save money, how toimplement new technologies like data de-duplication, iScsi, andFibre Channel over Ethernet, how to develop SANs that will aid yourcompany's disaster recovery plan, and much more. For example,you can: * Understand what SANs are, whether you need one, and what youneed to build one * Learn to use loops, switches, and fabric, and design your SANfor peak performance * Create a disaster recovery plan with the appropriateguidelines, remote site, and data copy techniques * Discover how to connect or extend SANs and how compression canreduce costs * Compare tape and disk backups and network vs. SAN backup tochoose the solution you need * Find out how data de-duplication makes sense for backup,replication, and retention * Follow great troubleshooting tips to help you find and fix aproblem * Benefit from a glossary of all those pesky acronyms From the basics for beginners to advanced features like snapshotcopies, storage virtualization, and heading off problems beforethey happen, here's what you need to do the job withconfidence!

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