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Fund Spy

Morningstar's Inside Secrets to Selecting Mutual Funds that Outperform

Russel Kinnel

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Author Russel Kinnel walks readers through the handful of keyfactors they need to pick winning funds. Armed with thequantitative data and qualitative research, they will gain theconfidence to pick great funds for the long-term. This book will beaccompanied by a web-based tool created by Morningstar, which willenable readers to evaluate their own funds using Kinnel's criteria. Written in a fun and accessible manner, The Fund Spy offersKinnel's unique insight as a 14-year Morningstar fund analyst. Hespeaks plainly about the conflicts that can go against investors'interests, explaining how to avoid traps and push out the slicksales pitches facing today's investors. He also offers several "10lists," which provide quick answers to investors' most commonquestions (e.g., the Top 10 Funds to Recommend to Relatives, the 10Best Contrarian Managers, the 10 Most Overrated Managers).

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