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Planet Water

Investing in the World's Most Valuable Resource

Steve Hoffmann

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Solving the world's water problems is proving to be one of thegreatest investment opportunities of our time. Already, world watersupplies are inadequate to meet demand, and the problem is going toget much worse in the years ahead. The World Bank estimates that1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and about 50percent of the world's hospital beds are populated by people whohave contracted water-borne diseases. If present consumption ratescontinue, in 25 years the world will be using 90 percent of allavailable freshwater. To address the problem, trillions of dollarswill need to be invested in water infrastructure projects. Andwhile the problems are most acute in developing and rapidly growingeconomies, there are huge water infrastructure needs inindustrialized countries, as well. In the U.S. alone, it'sestimated that more than $1 trillion will be needed for water andwastewater infrastructure projects. In Planet Water, waterinvestment expert Steven Hoffmann explains the dynamics driving thewater crisis and identifies investment opportunities in varioussectors of the water industry. Hoffman provides investors with theknowledge and insights they need to make informed investments inwater utilities, as well as companies providing water treatmentservices; infrastructure services; water monitoring and analytics;and desalination services. He also discusses mutual funds and ETFsthat specialize in water stocks. Investing in the water industry iscertainly no pie-in-the-sky idea. Over the past five years, manywater stocks have exploded in value and water stocks as a wholehave outperformed the S&P 500 by a substantial amount. InPlanet Water, Hoffmann provides investors with everything they needto profit from this fast-growing industry in the years ahead.


sAlmanac 2010.
Named a top investment book of the year by the Stock Trader'
--Wall StreetJournal, 5/27/2009
"The book. . . might well guide some very satisfactoryinvestments. . . Mr. Hoffmann does an able job of laying out thebasics of water scarcity and delivery, and he presents a persuasivecase for water's looming importance, rivaling oil as the mostimportant commodity this century. . . A strong current of theinvesting advice in "Planet Water" is Mr. Hoffmann's contentionthat water utilities will move toward privatization and away fromgovernment management. Private management will make companiesconcentrate on core competencies to keep efficiencies high; thosecompanies are the ones for investors to pursue."
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