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How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market

What Individual Investors Can Learn From the Investment Strategies of the Most Successful University Endowments

Matthew Tuttle

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Praise for How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market "How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market is a must-read for anyonemanaging his own or other people's money. It demystifies newinvestments such as hedge funds and principal-protected products.This engaging handbook belongs in every investor's library." --Deborah Weir, Parker Global Strategies, author of Timingthe Market: How to Profit in the Stock Market Using the YieldCurve, Technical Analysis, and Cultural Indicators In today's volatile market, investors are looking for new waysto lower their risk profile. For author Matthew Tuttle, the bestmeans of achieving this goal is to look towards large universityendowments--which attempt to capture consistent returns whilemaintaining a low level of risk. How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market explores the benefits ofendowment investing and shows you how to structure your individualinvestment endeavors around an endowment-type portfolio. While theaverage investor doesn't have access to many of the money managersand vehicles that high-profile endowments use, you can still learnfrom the investment strategies outlined here and implement them inyour own investment activities. Filled with timely tips andpractical advice from an expert who designs portfolios based onendowment investment strategies, How Harvard and Yale Beat theMarket will put you in a better position to achieve investmentsuccess.

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