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Honesty Sells

How To Make More Money and Increase Business Profits

Steven Gaffney, Colleen Francis

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Looking for an edge in today's tough selling market? HonestySells challenges you to abandon clichéd salestechniques that rely on manipulation and deceit. Instead, by beinghonest and open with clients, you will be rewarded with long-term,profitable relationships--at the expense of no one but yourcompetition... PRAISE FOR HONESTY SELLS "I've been in the field of sales leadership for twenty-fouryears with a major organization. I've recruited, trained, anddeveloped thousands of salespeople over those years. Where has thisbook been? It should be a must-read for every new salesperson. Thisis a simple topic that isn't easy to execute day to day. HonestySells helps you change your mental map about how to approachbusiness and relationships. Do the right thing....always!" --Scott DiGiammarino, Group Vice President, AmeripriseFinancial "Honesty Sells has already made a huge impact in mybusiness and it's a keeper. I recommend it for any business CEOtrying to maximize and keep their profits." --Richard Strauss, President, Strauss Radio Strategies,Inc. "Honesty Sells is not just a book for salespeople. As apublic relations professional, Gaffney and Francis's solidprinciples and coaching have helped me to develop and maintainrelationships that are key to the success of my business." --Avery Mann, Director of Media & Public Relations, FOXTV's America's Most Wanted "Literally thirty minutes after absorbing their sales advice, Iwas on the phone applying concepts and strategies that enabled meto effectively move forward a deal accounting for 57 percent of myquota for the entire sales quarter. Here's the best part: this wasduring my first month on the job." --Raj Shahani, Yahoo! "Thank you so much for the inspiration. Your selling techniqueswere just the shot in the arm that this old veteran really needed.I have four new clients in just a week's time! Hip hiphooray!!" --Nancy Daniels, Regional Director, HelmsBriscoe "A top-notch sales pro who knows how to make progress in adifficult market. Bad economy. Government sales. Makes nodifference--the job gets done." --Paul Lemberg, Lemberg and Associates "In addition to the practical and proven tips and techniques,this advice is based on extensive sales research and investigationwith respect to what produces results. All the 'out of the box'suggestions are attention-getting but also get results!" --Janet Armstrong, Director, Management Consulting, AjilonConsulting


?The book has methods that do not rely on old tricks, gimmicks ormind games. Instead, it shows you how to create immediate andlasting increases in your sales by selling yourself and yourproducts, openly and honestly.? (Banana Q Business Buzz ,October 2009)
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