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Trust Me

Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma

Nick Morgan

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Nick Morgan shows how anyone can be an effective speaker bypresenting an image of authenticity and respect for their audience,whether in a group presentation or a one-on-one conversation. Hepresents a four-step process, perfected in his teaching at Harvard,that enables the reader to use their own personal speaking stylewhile becoming a more persuasive and charismatic communicator andleader. The basis of this process is the fact that when words andbody language are in conflict, body language wins every time. Thisisn't easy to overcome, because normally body language isimmediate, while the words lag slightly behind, and even amomentary conflict is perceptible to the audience. The key tosuccess is to train your body language to unconsciously align withyour message. The four steps: * Form the attitude and intent to be open, and then let your bodynaturally express that intent. This feeling of openness willnaturally affect the content of what you are saying, and it's thatnatural evolution that is at the heart of the process. * Become connected to your audience. This creates a mutualenergy, and you will naturally begin to think in terms of what theaudience wants and needs in shaping your content. * Ask yourself, what's my underlying emotion? Why does thismatter to me? Becoming passionate about what you have to saynaturally makes your audience care about it too. * Really listen to the audience. Understanding their needs andreactions will enable you to direct your communication in mutuallybeneficial ways.


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"Nick Morgan's Trust Me approaches corporate and executive communication from a new and different perspective, that of the professional performer. His approach acknowledges the realities of modern business and, once you get beyond the first few uncomfortable steps where you're thinking of a thousand things at once, you will communicate more openly, authentically, and charismatically."



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