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Oomycete Genetics and Genomics

Diversity, Interactions and Research Tools

Kurt Lamour, Sophien Kamoun

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Botanik


This book brings together the knowledge from and tools for geneticand genomic research into oomycetes to help solve the problems thispathogen poses to crops and animals. Armed with the informationpresented here, researchers can use oomycete data to solvepractical problems and gain insight into future areas ofinterest. Key Features: * Offers an up-to-date coverage of research into oomycetes- which has advanced with biochemical and molecular analysesin recent years * Helps researchers use oomycete data to solve practicalproblems, like damage to crop and animal resources * Includes a section on interactions with animal hosts * Offers perspective on future areas of research * Assembles an international author base


(IMA Fungus, December 2010)
"The whole is extremely well-produced, and I especially liked thetipped-in signature of colour plates on coated paper comprisingcolour versions of eight half-tone figures from various chapters.It also seems as well up-to-date as can be expected in suchmultiauthored works, with many papers from 2008 being cited. Andthe price is reasonable by current standards for a book of thisquality. The editors are to be congratulated on marshalling such awork, which clearly merits wide circulation amongst the broadermycological community."
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