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Information Security Governance

A Practical Development and Implementation Approach

Krag Brotby

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Datenkommunikation, Netzwerke


The Growing Imperative Need for Effective Information SecurityGovernance With monotonous regularity, headlines announce ever morespectacular failures of information security and mounting losses.The succession of corporate debacles and dramatic control failuresin recent years underscores the necessity for information securityto be tightly integrated into the fabric of every organization. Theprotection of an organization's most valuable asset information canno longer be relegated to low-level technical personnel, but mustbe considered an essential element of corporate governance that iscritical to organizational success and survival. Written by an industry expert, Information Security Governanceis the first book-length treatment of this important topic,providing readers with a step-by-step approach to developing andmanaging an effective information security program. Beginning witha general overview of governance, the book covers: * The business case for information security * Defining roles and responsibilities * Developing strategic metrics * Determining information security outcomes * Setting security governance objectives * Establishing risk management objectives * Developing a cost-effective security strategy * A sample strategy development * The steps for implementing an effective strategy * Developing meaningful security program development metrics * Designing relevant information security management metrics * Defining incident management and response metrics Complemented with action plans and sample policies thatdemonstrate to readers how to put these ideas into practice,Information Security Governance is indispensable reading for anyprofessional who is involved in information security andassurance.

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