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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummies

Patricia Barry

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Confused about Medicare's drug coverage? You're notalone. Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummiesexplains Part D in plain English and shows you how to find the bestdeal among numerous drug-coverage plan options. Whetheryou're new to Medicare or already in the program,you'll navigate the system with more ease and confidence,avoid pitfalls and scams, and have plenty of help choosing the planthat's right for you. This easy-to-understand, consumer-friendly guide helps you findout whether Part D affects any drug coverage you already have andweigh the consequences of going without coverage. You'll findways to compare plans, identify the one that covers your drugs atthe least cost, and make sure you sign up at the right time. Andyou'll learn how to minimize your expenses, use the"right" pharmacies, and troubleshoot any problems withyour coverage. Discover how to: * Decide whether you need Part D * Understand how Part D works, from costs to coverage * Choose and enroll in the best plan for you * Get up and running with Part D * Handle the coverage gap * Lower your drug costs * Join and switch plans * Comply with long-term-care rules and rights * Challenge plan decisions * Avoid scams and hard-sell marketing Now, more than ever, you need clear, reliable information thathelps you understand Part D and make smart, cost-saving healthcaredecisions. You need Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage ForDummies.



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