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BlackBerry Storm For Dummies

Dante Sarigumba, Robert Kao

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Hardware


The long-awaited BlackBerry Storm is here! Take advantage of allthe cool things your new touch-screen BlackBerry can do withBlackBerry Storm For Dummies. Your BlackBerry Storm can help you organize your calendar, surfthe Internet, and stay in constant contact. it even works like amodem for your laptop. BlackBerry Storm For Dummies showsyou how to unlock all of the exciting capabilities of yourBlackBerry Storm. You'll discover how to: * Customize your BlackBerry Storm, learn to navigate the touchscreen, manage power consumption, and protect your device * Set up your contacts, keep notes, synchronize lists with yourdesktop, and manage your calendar * Keep in touch with e-mail, PIN-to-PIN and instant messaging,and phone calls * Browse the Internet and keep track of key sites * Play music and videos, take pictures or mini-movies, and tunein the news * Activate Storm's built-in GPS and use Google Maps orBlackBerry Map * Synchronize your BlackBerry with your desktop so your data isconsistent wherever you go * Prepare your laptop to use your BlackBerry Storm as amodem * Install and manage third-party applications * Keep your personal information safe You'll find tips for tapping and thumbing the touchscreen, secrets for taking great photos and videos, and even fungames to play on your Storm. Whether you're upgrading from anearlier model or you just got your first BlackBerry, BlackBerryStorm For Dummies helps you utilize everything this handydevice has to offer.

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