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Business Continuity Management

Building an Effective Incident Management Plan

Michael Blyth

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PRAISE FOR Business Continuity Management Few businesses can afford to shut down for an extended period of time, regardless of the cause. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that disaster can strike in any shape, at any time. Be prepared with the time-tested strategies in Business Continuity Management: Building an Effective Incident Management Plan and protect your employees while ensuring your company survives the unimaginable. Written by Michael Blyth--one of the world's foremost consultants in the field of business contingency management--this book provides cost-conscious executives with a structured, sustainable, and time-tested blueprint toward developing an individualized strategic business continuity program. This timely book urges security managers, HR directors, program managers, and CEOs to manage nonfinancial crises to protect your company and its employees. Discussions include: * Incident management versus crisis response * Crisis management structures * Crisis flows and organizational responses * Leveraging internal and external resources * Effective crisis communications * Clear decision-making authorities * Trigger plans and alert states * Training and resources * Designing and structuring policies and plans * Monitoring crisis management programs * Stages of disasters * Emergency preparedness * Emergency situation management * Crisis Leadership * Over 40 different crisis scenarios Developing and utilizing a business continuity plan protects your company, its personnel, facilities, materials, and activities from the broad spectrum of risks that face businesses and government agencies on a daily basis, whether at home or internationally. Business Continuity Management presents concepts that can be applied in part, or full, to your business, regardless of its size or number of employees. The comprehensive spectrum of useful concepts, approaches and systems, as well as specific management guidelines and report templates for over forty risk types, will enable you to develop and sustain a continuity management plan essential to compete, win, and safely operate within the complex and fluid global marketplace.



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