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The Academic Portfolio

A Practical Guide to Documenting Teaching, Research, and Service

Peter Seldin, J. Elizabeth Miller

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This comprehensive book focuses squarely on academic portfolios,which may prove to be the most innovative and promising facultyevaluation and development technique in years. The authors identifykey issues, red flag warnings, and benchmarks for success,describing the what, why, and how of developing academicportfolios. The book includes an extensively tested step-by-stepapproach to creating portfolios and lists 21 possible portfolioitems covering teaching, research/scholarship, and service fromwhich faculty can choose the ones most relevant to them. The thrust of this book is unique: * It provides time-tested strategies and proven advice forgetting started with portfolios. * It includes a research-based rubric grounded in input from 200faculty members and department chairs from across disciplines andinstitutions. * It examines specific guiding questions to consider whenpreparing every subsection of the portfolio. * It presents 18 portfolio models from 16 different academicdisciplines. Designed for faculty members, department chairs, deans, andmembers of promotion and tenure committees, all of whom areessential partners in developing successful academic portfolioprograms, the book will also be useful to graduate students,especially those planning careers as faculty members.


If you plan to read only one book about portfolios, buy thisone. Peter Seldin is the author or coauthor of over 16 books aboutfaculty development and evaluation. His most recent books exploredthe use of portfolios in evaluating teaching or administrativeperformance. This one is dedicated to the use of the same tool indocumenting all three components of a faculty work life, and isaddressed both to the preparer and to evaluator of an academicportfolio.
s readers willfind new and updated content among many familiar themes, as well asa change of focus from the evaluator to the preparer of an academicportfolio.
...Even the most faithful of Seldin'

The anecdote at the end of Chapter 6 is telling about theauthors' opinion: the time to begin preparing an academicportfolio is now. Start by reading this book to find out why andhow!"

--The National Teaching and Learning Forum
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