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Real Estate Development and Investment

A Comprehensive Approach

S. P. Peca

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Real Estate Development and Investment A Comprehensive Approach Written by real estate industry veteran Stephen Peca, thistimely guide skillfully outlines the various phases of the realestate development process and addresses some of the most importantissues associated with this discipline. Using numerous illustrations and anecdotes, this book takes youthrough the development process, from historical considerations andidea formulation to financial feasibility and asset disposition,while covering the entire cycle of real estate development forvarious property types. Topics touched upon throughout these pagesinclude: * The key factors affecting demand for different land uses anddevelopment * The interaction of market research, financing, planning,contract negotiation, marketing, leasing, and propertymanagement * The need for universal, current, and broad knowledge * The importance of ethics in the development process * The role of different professionals and companies involved inthe development process * Environmental considerations in real estate development * And much more Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, thisreliable resource will help you gain a firm understanding of thefunctional skills necessary to be successful in this field andfamiliarize you with several often-overlooked-but essential aspectsof commercial real estate development.

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