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Fast Close

A Guide to Closing the Books Quickly

Steven M. Bragg

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Praise for Fast Close: A Guide to Closing the BooksQuickly "Steve captures the essence of the problems affecting thefinancial close process within corporations of all sizes; from theperiod close of subledgers and general ledger through financialreporting, and the relationship and interdependencies ofgovernance, people and technology. A must-read for the corporatecontroller." --David Taylor, ACMA, MBA, VP Strategy, Trintech Inc. "Fast Close: A Guide to Closing the Books Quickly, SecondEdition is a must-read for today's busy controllers. Steven Braggpoints out everything that can be done outside the close that youjust never realized didn't actually have to be part of themonth-end close process! Very commonsensical approach!" --Kathleen Schneibel, mba, cpa, Controller/CFO for Hire, KMASConsulting LLC "A well-executed 'fast close' can bring many valuable benefitsto any company, from improving organizational performance totransforming accounting executives from financial historians totrusted advisors. In Fast Close, Second Edition, Stevesystematically breaks down the steps required to achieve a fastclose in both public and private companies, providing financialexecutives with tips, checklists, and a cost-effective road map toimplement fast close procedures in virtually any company." --Matthew Posta, Esq., CPA, Vice President of Finance, KeyAir, LLC FROM THE FIRST EDITION "This is an outstanding book in which Steve reveals his secretsto a fast close. Having personally experienced his (one-day) fastclose for years and enjoyed the beneficial impact on my company, Ihighly recommend this book for all financial officers who desire tohave a large, favorable impact on their company." --Richard V. Souders, President and CEO, Kaba WorkforceSolutions

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