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A Carver Policy Governance Guide, Volume 5, Revised and Updated, Evaluating CEO and Board Performance

Miriam Carver, John Carver

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The Carver Policy Governance Guide series includes sixbooklets that offer board members a description of John Carver'sPolicy Governance model of board leadership. Policy Governanceenables a board to fulfill its accountability to its organization's"owners," whether the owners are association members, cityresidents, company shareholders, or a community of interest. PolicyGovernance addresses the board's engagement in financial,programmatic, and personnel matters; roles of officers andcommittees; reporting and evaluation; agendas; and other aspects ofthe board job. Evaluating CEO and Board Performance offers board membersinformation on the importance of evaluation as part of a greatersystematic view of governance. The guide includes principles foreffectively and honestly evaluating CEO and board performance. The Policy Governance model is based on the functions ratherthan the structure of a governing board. It outlines commonsenseprinciples about governing that fit together into an entire system.The practices of the Policy Governance board, which are consistentwith the principles, allow it to control without meddling, focus onlong-term organizational outputs, powerfully delegate to a CEO andstaff, and discharge its fiduciary responsibility in a visionary,strategic manner. Because the model is a total system, the CarverPolicy Governance Guide series offers boards a complete set ofprinciples for fulfilling their various obligations.

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